My Honest Inbox Blueprint Review

Inbox Blueprint is officially LIVE and I want to share with you my honest review plus my mega bonus worth $997! (You get this free if you decide to buy Inbox Blueprint) :)

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What is Inbox Blueprint all about?

Inbox Blueprint is Anik Singal’s brand new step-by-step training course showing you how to build a highly profitable email list. Once you have your own email list you can literally make money by sending emails.

List building is incredibly important and for me in 2013 it was the difference between having a super successful year (as I did) and failing miserably. At the start of 2013 I was really struggling to make ends meet, but I concentrated on building my email list and ended up having the best year (financially) of my internet marketing career!

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So how does Inbox Blueprint work?

Anik Singal teaches you how he builds huge email lists and makes money sending emails in 9 steps! You will learn how to create simple 1-page websites that you can promote to build your list.

Anik teaches you exactly how to build these simple 1-page websites and also exactly what you need to get traffic and actually get people subscribed to your email list.

It’s actually really simple… instead of creating complicated looking websites you just create simple 1-page websites, and Anik even teaches you step-by-step how to do this, it’s very easy.

You then promote that 1-page website on the internet and build your list because the core purpose of the website is to get people to enter their email address in exchange for something (usually a free gift such as an e-book). Once people are on your list that means you can send them email promotions.

Let’s imagine you had a 10,000 person list of people who were interested in losing weight. You could then email them a promotion for a weight loss product, and when a sale happened you would get paid, simple right? It sure is :)

Inbox Blueprint – The Training

Let me detail exactly what Anik Singal teaches you in his Inbox Blueprint course:

Step 1 – Picking A Niche

This is the first step to starting your online business. Anik shows you which niches are the best ones to go into. When you build a list you don’t want a list of people who are interested in all kinds of different things. You want your list to be targetted to one niche because then your results will be much better when you send emails.

Step 2 – Opt In Pages (1 page websites)

In step 2 Anik teaches you how to set up simple 1-page websites that allow you to build your email list. Anik also includes some templates for you that will make it super easy.

Don’t worry about any technical issues here, Anik literally covers everything so even if you are a newbie to this, you’ll be fine following this training.

Step 3 – Thank You Pages

After people opt in to your email list via your 1-page website it’s standard procedure for a “thank you” page to show up. This page simply thanks the person for becoming a subscriber. Anik being one of the best email marketers on the planet teaches you how to leverage these thank you pages to actually make money.

This means that you can be making money from your subscribers immediately when they join your list. Anik shows you what to do, and what type of offers work best to promote on thank you pages.

Step 4 – Autoresponder & Analytics

There is 1 extremely important tool you need to build an email list and that is an autoresponder! Anik shows you exactly how to get this set up and some really cool tricks to get the maximum open & click rates on your emails. He also shows you some great analytics providers because you need to make sure you are tracking the products you promote so that you know which offers work best. This probably sounds complicated but trust me it’s really not.

Anik shows you in easy to follow training exactly what you need to do.

Step 5 – Email Marketing – The Strategy

When you start emailing your list you need a strategy. You can’t just send emails willy nilly and expect to make money. In this part of the training Anik shows you his strategy, one that has brought in literally millions of dollars in commissions. He also reveals a secret to making your email marketing as profitable as possible! This was a real eye opener to me, and something I am using in my business today.

Step 6 – Increasing Your Earnings

Step 6 is all about increasing your earnings and maximizing the amount of money you make from sending emails. Anik gives you 3 important questions you need to ask yourself before you decide on promoting a product.

Step 7 – Traffic

Without traffic your business will fail, in fact you won’t even have a business. Traffic means visitors… it’s the lifeblood of any business. Luckily Anik is an expert when it comes to traffic generation and he has put together an extremely detailed training section on traffic. Anik shares all his best methods for getting traffic, all of these except 1 are free methods, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on traffic, but if you want to invest you can do, as he shows you 1 of his best paid traffic sources.

Step 8 – Increasing Results

Optimizing is really the key to increasing profits when you start to make money. Anik shows you exactly how to increase the amount of money you make by optimizing aspects of your business. This part of the training will allow you to get more people opening and clicking on your emails and allow you to make more money.

Conclusion for Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint

This is the best product I have seen in YEARS. And I mean that seriously! I see so many products that are nothing but hype and lies, and Inbox Blueprint is a complete breath of fresh air!

If you are serious about starting an online business then I highly recommend you get started with Inbox Blueprint:

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Bonus #2 – My SEO Secrets – Worth $299

SEO is what I do! I LOVE free traffic and that’s why I drive 1000′s of visitors every month to my websites. My best website is actually getting 10,000+ visitors per day. I bet you could make money if you were getting 10,000+ visitors a day to your website. I’m going to give you this bonus 100% free and it’s worth $299.

Bonus #3 – 1 Month Email Consulting – Worth $499

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Inbox Blueprint Scam – Is It Legit?

You might be wondering whether Inbox Blueprint is a scam, or whether it’s really a legitimate product. I’m happy to tell you 100% that it is a genuine product and most definitely not a scam.

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Inbox Blueprint is a high quality training course from world renouned internet marketer Anik Singal who has taught literally 1000′s of people how to build successful internet marketing businesses.

You should feel extremely confident in buying Inbox Blueprint and I am fully confident that it will help you to start making money online. I also believe that combined with my exceptional bonus worth $997 you’ll be able to get exterme value from Inbox Blueprint.

You can find my full review at the top of this page.

Who Is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is one of the worlds leading internet marketing coaches. He has been involved with internet marketing for quite a few years now and during that time has produced many great products.

One of the most recent products of his was called Marketing With Anik and it was a 8 week coaching course delivered via webinars where Anik taught students exactly how to go from zero to making money online with internet marketing.

This latest product teaches one of the most important aspects of internet marketing which is list building. It’s something that every business needs to do and it’s the most valuable asset of an internet marketer.

Be sure to read my full and honest review to learn the truth about Anik Singal, his new product Inbox Blueprint and you’ll also get to see my exceptional bonus!

Inbox Blueprint Is Launching Soon!

Hey, welcome to my review blog for Inbox Blueprint!

This is a brand new product created by Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim and it launches in a couple of weeks time (as I’m writing this).

I’m personally very excited because I know that Anik Singal always produces extremely valuable products and I think this is probably his best yet. I’ll be updating this blog with more information about Anik, Jimmy and their new product Inbox Blueprint.

Speak soon,

Mark S